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A 1953 Seeburg 200-LU1 Library Unit

Restored, Upgraded and Internetrified for Your Listening Pleasure

One hundred sheets of fifty-year-old plastic spun past a tiny rock by an elaborate mechanism of steel and electricity, translated into a chain of ones and zeros and spattered across the globe through sheer cooperation.

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If you don't want to use the player above, you can use the controls at lower left to start the jukebox and then click on one of these links to launch an audio player from your browser:

HTTP Stream | M3U File | RealAudio RAM File

If none of those work, follow these directions to connect manually:


Update 5 October 2016: We're back up and running again. The jukebox control software is now running on a Quantum Access LAN Fanless Mini PC Stick under Windows 10 (a significant upgrade from my old 2005 Dell desktop computer, running XP Server, which bit the dust at the beginning of September). There may be occasional interruptions while this configuration undergoes refinement.

You may also be interested in my Notes on the History, Design, and Zen of the 200 LU-1 or this List of Frequently Asked Questions That I Made Up.

On Twitter, I'm @SeeburgRemote. I tend to announce substantial changes to the selection of records, or addition of features, thereon. At some point in the future, I'll be sending automatic notifications out there each time the machine turns on. Other Twitter-related plans include the ability to reject the current playing selection and/or go to a particular slot number.

If you have a problem connecting during the time the jukebox says it's ON,
or if the audio stutters or drops out, I'd really like to know about it.
Please email me at .
It would be very helpful if you could include (1) the current jukebox status, (2) the date and time,
and (3) what number of listeners, if any, it says are presently connected.
The Jukebox was rebuilt, adjusted, and stereo-upgraded in February 2011 by Mr. Warren C. Rowe of El Monte, California.
Audio and control electronics, computer networking, software, mechanical maintenance, and record selection
are the ongoing handiwork of Dave LaDelfa, a resident of the city of Los Angeles.
This page and its contents are copyright © 2011 Dave LaDelfa. Copyrights of any records played by the jukebox belong to their respective owners.
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